First thing first, I'm not much of a 'trekkie' so you may find my review not as detailed in terms of the Star Trek universe. 

Star Trek: Into the Darkness is the sequel to Star Trek (2009 film). It was released in May 16th 2013, but was released in late April & Early may in some countries- Thailand included. Despite getting a head start with watching the movie, I could never really find the energy to review it. Therefore, this 'review' of the movie is a little late. 

The movie starts out with Captain James T. Kirk & the USS Enterprise crew exploring a primitive planet. A volcano, with the power to wipe out the planet's natives, erupts. Kirk decides to 'freeze' the lava-with the help of Spock. They succeed, but the natives become aware of them. Because Kirk has broken one of the Starfleet's rules', he gets demoted from being Captain of the Enterprise.

Though life seems to get back to normal, a 'secret' Starfleet base in London is bombed by a Commander Jonathan Harris. A meeting is held in London, but is ambushed by Commander Harris. Kirk, of course, manages to take down Harris's craft, only for Harris to beam himself to Kronos, the Klingon's home planet.

Kirk manages to get reinstated to the Enterprise to go and capture Harris. The Enterprise in the other hand, is armed with 72 torpedoes'. Scotty however, is skeptical of the torpedoes and resigns from the Enterprise

So far, I find the movie very well made & the actors played their parts very well and I highly recommend this movie to all (+13) audiences.

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