It's been an interesting 2013 for me. I started practicing Forex again since May this year which was a good move since many successful investors start early. I also took a class in eBay with my mother, but I felt as if it wasn't that good of an investment as neither my mom or I could hold our commitment to it. We tried to sell 2 paintings, but we never took any action (and the cardboard boxes to ship them in are already catching dust. 

Senior year in college was quite hard. I first struggled to find what I wanted to do as a final project. At first, I wanted to do an app about gliding. But as there are no gliders in Thailand, my teachers thought I should try something else (I've never flown a glider before). One of them suggested I bring samples of my personal work, my renderings & others. When I showed my work to my teachers, one of them suggested me to create a Sketchup & Flash-based app for the university to allow web visitors to tour the campus online rather than be physically present. This wasn't a project that I liked,  but I really had no where else to go, so I went ahead. And each week, each one of us were to present our progress. Mine was steady, but I didn't feel like I love what I was doing.

Besides schoolwork, I struggled with balancing work & home life, mainly with my mother busy with her cake business. Therefore, I did a lot of the chores which I didn't mind. My favorite was laundry. 

Finals came in December in which my project passed. even if it was incomplete- it was pre-final so finishing wasn't required, just a semi-functioning draft was all that was needed). 

Home issues & a college project that I can't seem to be passionate about, are making me quite unhappy. And sometimes, I just want to drop out of college by not confirming in January & get some job locally. I may be work-shy, but at least I would earn money to save & invest so I can perhaps move out & find my own place like other 23 year olds'. Or at least, to find myself & why I'm here.

I wish I could really tell you in detail of what is really going on with my life & family. But I'd rather not talk about it in more detail as I just don't feel like spilling the beans too much. 

I hope 2014 will be a fresh start for me. If not, at least I know it's not the end of the world...


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